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Electronic Materials and 2D (sensor)

  • PVD

  • QD

  • Physical vapor deposition system
  • High resolution transmission electron microscopy image (a) and X-Ray diffraction pattern (b) obtained from Pbs quantum dots synthesized.

Electronic materials group was formed in CNAM, Sharif University of Technology since 2012. Despite its young age, it has developed lots of facilities and also deep knowledge among the group members. Our main mission is to produce nano-sized materials with optimized properties to act efficiently in optoelectronic applications.

There are various research projects being done here in this group as it follows in more details:

-Green and wet synthesis of PbS quantum dots and surface passivation.

-Manipulating optoelectronic proberties of PbS quantum dots.

-Cell-tracking by graphene quantum dots.

-Conjugation of graphene quantum dots with gold to optimize optoelectronic properties

-Studying biocompatibility of hybrid quantum dot-gold systems

-Synthesis and studying optoelectronic properties of metal-organic chalcogenide compounds

-Synthesis of graphene sheets via supercritical fluid methods

-Conjugation of graphene with quantum dots

-Usage of hybrid quantum dot-graphene systems for biosensing applications

We are hopeful to develop our group in coming years by adding many other enthusiastic researchers and adding many other facilities. We are determined to develop using nanomaterials for green application by broadening our knowledge.

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